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CIESSE was founded in 1970 as an engineering company and has been operating in the railcar manufacturing field for more than 40 years.

The strategy of a focused approach on high quality products, along with the unceasing methodical research of new solutions have been the catalyst for the continuous growth of CIESSE.

Aluminum alloy manufacturing being the original skill of the company, CIESSE has subsequently widened its scope of production to railway Interiors, which In turn brought it to be, in recent years, one of the leading companies in its national market.

For years now, a distinguishing mark of Ciesse policy has been an attentive selection of human resources, whose personal skills are enhanced by means of basic training and constant technical updating.

Combined with their highly qualified personnel, the development of new planning techniques enabled CIESSE to work out solid 3-D models that speed-up the development of prototypes, thus satisfying customers demand on time.

Ciesse is a member of the district for rail technology, high speed and network security.
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Railway Interiors Solutions

We offer services to rail vehicle owners, operators, manufacturers and refurbishers, industry subcontractors and authorities and organizations

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Philosophy & Mission: Raising the Bar on Customer Satisfaction

Core Business

In railway field, Ciesse takes care of complete Interior systems of railcars such as Salons/Passengers compartment, Business Class Sitting Rooms, Sleeping Cars, Vestibules, Cabs and crew rooms besides Interior complements and spare parts (tables, baskets, seats, lighting system, luggage racks, bike holders,steps) and emergency systems such as the footbridges for moving passengers from a damaged train to an aid one.

Success Stories

Skills and high standard levels have carried the company to being able itself to play important roles in railway fields. Also tramways segment during the last years has become a field in which Ciesse can boast important successes.

Our Approach

Ciesse is a leading company not only in engineering and production of train Interior furnishing but also Interior components and spare parts for subways such as S.Francisco, Madrid and Atlanta Metro.
We offer services to rail vehicle owners, operators, manufacturers and refurbishers, industry subcontractors, transport authorities and organizations.

The numbers speak for us

2000 > 2019

Main Projects

> 20

Railway Coaches

> 6000

Our Crew





High School Diploma


Average age


Customers Base

Hitachi Rail
San Francisco MTA
Atac Roma
Metro Brescia MLA
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